Chien-Yu Peng 教授による講演のお知らせ (12/16(金)15:30-17:00)2022年11月28日

Prof. Chien-Yu Peng 教授による講演のお知らせ

Academia Sinica の Chien-Yu Peng 教授に, 以下の内容の講演をしていただく予定です。


講師:Prof. Chien-Yu Peng

Associate Research Fellow/Professor
Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica
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日時:2022年12月16日(金) 15:30-17:00
場所:中央大学 後楽園キャンパス 6号館7階 6701室

講演題目: Profile Optimum Planning for Degradation Analysis

Degradation tests are widely used to assess the lifetime information of highly reliable products.
Before conducting a degradation test, the fundamental issues in regard to decision variables are to determine how many sample sizes are needed, how long samples need to be tested, and how many measurements are taken, particularly in early experiments with limited budgets.
By minimizing the approximate variance of the estimated q-quantile of the product’s lifetime distribution with a cost constraint, profile optimum planning (POP) is proposed to provide a systematic solution to these decision variables under mild conditions.
Based on the derived theoretical results, the use of flow charts efficiently simplifies complex optimization problems in practical applications.
In addition, sensitivity analysis is studied to elucidate the effect of how the uncertainty in POP can be divided and allocated to the experimental costs and model parameters.

連絡先: 中央大学理工学部ビジネスデータサイエンス学科 長塚豪己
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